CJ_Exhibit_blog PoliTO Design by Components x Casa Jasmina Exhibition – II Edition

As a domotic home and open project, here at Casa Jasmina we’re especially eager to welcome and nurture new projects coming from outside our four walls. Last year, one of our biggest accomplishments in this direction was the collaboration we started with Politecnico di Torino and its Design by Components course, directed by prof. Fabrizio Valpreda.

Groups of students were asked to create a dozen of prototypes for devices, smart objects and solutions that were specifically developed inside, around, and about Casa Jasmina. The result was a gallery of inventions, addressing a variety of issues – air pollution, recycling, functionality, interactivity and quality of the home environment, just to name a few – with some very different and very interesting results.

We gathered them all and opened the first Design by Components Exhibition.
Kind of like in a domotic wunderkammer, you could find many bizarre objects crammed in the same domestic space. An interactive kitchen navigation system sat next to a series of DIY 100% biodegradable cups, a musical stool and a smart clothing dryer + air humidifier shared the same room. Read and see more about the Exhibit here!

Between 2018 and 2019, once again we have gladly dedicated some of our time and knowledge to Design by Components students.
And once again we were blown away by their ideas.
We can’t anticipate a lot about this year’s projects – at least not yet. As we’re writing and publishing this announcement, the students are working on the final touches for their exams (good luck, everyone!)
For now, all we can say is that there will be eleven prototypes, and that you will not be disappointed.

We’re happy to announce the 2nd Edition of

PoliTO Design by Components x Casa Jasmina Exhibition

cj exhibit poster

List of the groups & projects:

WoodUlike eBAND
Ravendor Hygge
Polifemo IGEA
Fixers Airound
pineapple Damla
Gruppo Mobile
The Alan Parsons Project Dlüko
Oppurg ease
5SO Look Deep
Low Poli Patty
A-FACE Theìa


Opening Party on Monday, March 11th at 6:30 PM 

The day will start with a special preview for some very special guest: participants, staff and judges of the Inventor prototyping bootcamp (SEI School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation), hosted by Fablab Torino

Later on, at 6:30 PM, you are all invited to the official Opening Party!
With Fabrizio Valpreda (Politecnico di Torino)
Fabrizio Alessio (Fablab Torino)
Davide Gomba (Casa Jasmina)
and a guided tour with the students who will present and demonstrate their projects.

Opening hours: 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM, until March 13th.
The Exhibit is FREE & OPEN for everyone. Come and experience the home of the future!

During the week we will tell you more and show you some sneak peeks of the projects on our Facebook and especially Instagram feeds – keep an eye out for stories + Join & Share the Facebook event to help us boost the hype!

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