CJ_Exhibit_blog PoliTO Design by Components x Casa Jasmina Exhibition – II Edition

As a domotic home and open project, here at Casa Jasmina we’re especially eager to welcome and nurture new projects coming from outside our four walls. Last year, one of our biggest accomplishments in this direction was the collaboration we started with Politecnico di Torino and its Design by Components course, directed by prof. Fabrizio Valpreda. Groups of […]

opendottblog OpenDoTT: Open Design of Trusted Things

University of Dundee and Mozilla are launching OpendoTT, a paid PhD Program for a more open, secure, trustworthy Internet of Things.  The challenges of the Internet of Things require interdisciplinary thinking. As IoT evolves, the internet becomes more deeply entwined in humans’ everyday lives. Data flows around us in ever more complex ways: wearable technologies […]

albsmall2 Introducing Alberto Perro: Casa Jasmina’s new Maker in Residence

  Turin is slowly moving into a hot Autumn. We are closing our Magic Monday Programme and finalizing new activities embracing a wider scope of experiences – more about this soon. This post is to celebrate and confirm an old legacy in the best Casa Jasmina tradition, our new Maker in Residence: Alberto Perro is […]