Bruce Sterling is a novelist and journalist.
While acting as “Visionary in Residence” at Art Center College of Design in 2008, he wrote “Shaping Things,” one of the first books about the Internet of Things.
In 2008 he was the curator of the Share Festival in Turin, on the theme of Italian digital manufacturing. He was one of the original columnists for Make magazine and wrote the cover story for the first issue of WIRED.
Bruce Sterling lives in Turin, Belgrade and Austin.


Jasmina Tesanovic is a Feminist and political activist (Women in Black; CodePink) and a writer, journalist, musician, translator and film director. In 1978 she promoted the first feminist conference in Eastern Europe, “Drug-ca Zena” (Belgrade). With Slavica Stojanovic she designs and creates the first feminist publishing house in the Balkans, “Feminist 94?, lasting for 10 years. She is the author of “Diary of a Political Idiot”, translated in 12 languages: a real time war diary written during the 1999 conflict in Kosovo. Since then she has been publishing her works on blogs and other media, always connected to the Internet.


Davide Gomba is an italian maker and storyteller.

He has been working in open source since 2008, alongside Arduino until 2016. He’s been one of the promoter of maker culture in Italy, actively managing the creation of the very first Italian Fablab in 2011. Content producer and product scouter, he’s been creating different workshops experiences around tech or maker culture, such as fablabforkids (STEAM, kids, science) or ruralhack (IoT, bottom-up tech agriculture).

Since 2015 he’s started the Casa Jasmina Project, an experiment held to create an home of the future where technology, privacy, lux, open source and design meet and join together a good conversation with the human.