opendottblog OpenDoTT: Open Design of Trusted Things

University of Dundee and Mozilla are launching OpendoTT, a paid PhD Program for a more open, secure, trustworthy Internet of Things. 

The challenges of the Internet of Things require interdisciplinary thinking.
As IoT evolves, the internet becomes more deeply entwined in humans’ everyday lives.
Data flows around us in ever more complex ways: wearable technologies monitor our heartbeat, AI voice assistants cohabit our kitchens and our children’s bedrooms, smart cities know our every move and facial recognition determines our access across country borders. These technologies need to be built responsibly, and this practice requires the cultivation of design research and advocacy.

OpenDoTT is a PhD program by University of Dundee and Mozilla that will train technologists, designers, and researchers to create and advocate for connected products that are more open, secure, and trustworthy. The project is made possible through the funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.

We’re proud to announce that Officine Innesto – the company running Casa Jasmina – will provide the training in open hardware and that Casa Jasmina will be one of the venues of the program.

The first trainees will begin in July 2019. There are five available slots.
Apply to have a chance to help building a healthier IoT!
Applications will close on Friday, January 25th.

Find out more on the OpendoTT PhD and learn how to apply.


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