albsmall2 Introducing Alberto Perro: Casa Jasmina’s new Maker in Residence


Turin is slowly moving into a hot Autumn. We are closing our Magic Monday Programme and finalizing new activities embracing a wider scope of experiences – more about this soon.

This post is to celebrate and confirm an old legacy in the best Casa Jasmina tradition, our new Maker in Residence: Alberto Perro is joining our team for this Autumn- Winter season.

Alberto has been toying around microcontrollers since the age of 14, and has been developing, while studying Physics, different projects such as SismikPi.



Alberto is already fixing some bugs in our day to day of the house, yet we are going to put into action some of the latest things we’ve worked on so far, like adding voice ( in English and possibly Italian, working on Users (Home Assistant 0.77) within the home environment, spend some time in studying and developing automations based on the new Airbnb APIs.

We’ll keep you posted about everything Alberto does (the place to go to follow his day-to-day struggles and triumphs is our Instagram stories feed) and listen to your advices.

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