Art, design and programming.
Erik Natzke

Tearing Away

Erik Natzke, artist, designer, and programmer, creates and gives material substance to his ideas through immaterial computer code. His sensibility, combined with his stubborn resolve, has enabled him to push back the limits of his medium, beyond known methods and approaches. Erik loves to take risks, in the awareness that the value of failure lies in discovering new, never-before conceived solutions.

Natzke’s work focuses on aesthetics and methodology, in which code and numbers generate beauty. When Natzke wants to draw something, he doesn’t pick up a pencil. He opens his Flash software editor and starts writing code. It is at this initial stage that he controls the environment in which his creation will grow and take shape down to every last, minute detail, before stepping back and watching the work emerge as the code is executed.

Natzke uses programming to create his tools, colors and ultimately his artistic vocabulary. A vocabulary that is highly personal and unique. His artistic work can be seen as a sort of bridge between impressionism and expressionism. He is an impressionist in his emphasis on color instead of the subject, but an expressionist in his use of a “digital gesture,” injecting dynamism into form. He is an impressionist when he represents nature, an expressionist when his works take an abstract bent. In Natzke’s works, the jump from one style to another is not discrete, but continuous.

Tearing Away by Erik Natzke

Tearing Away by Erik Natzke

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