Monocono is a kinetic artwork inspired by Strutturazioni cilindriche virtuali by Giovanni Anceschi (1963 -1966)
Serena Cangiano, Lorenzo Romagnoli, Federico Vanzati


Monocono is a little kitetic artwork inspired by Strutturazioni cilindriche virtuali by Giovanni Anceschi (1963 -1966).
Developed in collaboration with serena Canagiano, that to
Monocono is thescaled and reinterpreted version of Esacono suitable for  a workshop.
one of the project resulted from the REPROGRAMMED ART

Inside a little lasercutted cube, a DC motors turns two b&w striped sticks; The rotation of the two sticks creates the optical illusion of a cone  coming out of a face of the cube.
A custom pcb was designed to run the little DC motor and regulate it’s speed.
Here what you need to build one!

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