Feb    6:30 pm  - 7:30pm

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Designer and reseracher Maurizio Montalti will be our host for a residency in Casa Jasmina and to work on his project Bio Ex-Machina, a collaboration between Co-de-iT, Officina Corpuscoli and Digifabturing. Bio Ex-Machina, a collaborative research project exploring possibilities for interweaving digital and biological computation through the use of robotics and 3D printing technologies. A public lecture will be held at Toolbox Coworking to present the project.

The event is framed inside Project AARM, winner of the Bando Ora!, funded by Compagnia di San Paolo.

Strongly characterised by a creative trans-disciplinary approach and rooted in a collaborative, research-based and experimental practice, Maurizio Montalti actively collaborates with professionals from other disciplines in a co-creative process, to arrive at thought-provoking solutions and design outcomes. His work spans across various mediums, previously exploring themes in relation to biotechnology, anthropology, bio- diversity, the ecosystem and the human impact on it, recent production technologies, and the importance of a symbiotic entanglement between natural life-forms, for an alternative advancement of society.