Apr    9:00 am  - 9:00pm

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Postcard from Casa Jasmina is…

A sample of the best of Casa Jasmina.
A taste of the home of the future.
An interactive exhibition that YOU can play with through your smartphone.

Not only a collection of the best of Casa Jasmina, but first and foremost an interactive experience. Postcard from Casa Jasmina replicates a 1:1 model of a home automation system, in which all the devices can be controlled by the visitors through their smartphone.
What makes it possible is a chatbot: a software that is able to simulate a conversation with the user, responding to his requests. The exhibition is based on a conversational UI system designed to make the interaction process and the chatbot’s behaviour more and more sophisticated – to the point where the chatbot itself will try to anticipate the users’ desires and needs.

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Postcard from Casa Jasmina is part of tech.NO.MAD – Milan Design Week event, in collaboration with ThingsCon Milan, grow IT up, Cariplo Factory and The Good Home project.
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