Jan    6:30 pm  - 8:30pm

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Do you want to discover and be part of the Casa Jasmina project? Join us for Magic Mondays: Casa Jasmina Design and Technology Review!

One night a month in the community name. We’re looking for enthusiasts of IoT, makers, designers and common tenants. Casa Jasmina opens its doors on a Monday per month to discuss, propose ideas, present and create.

You will discover the home of the future and the project, you will become part of the community, you can develop your own ideas and create personal IoT devices.

We’re trying to build a workgroup of people with different backgrounds, interests and points of view to keep the discussion as interesting as possible.

Want to join us? Fill the form and tell us a bit about yourself:
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Please note that you do NOT need to request the access to edit the file, just proceed to fill the form right away!
Still having trouble? Write to with your personal information (name, surname, phone number) and your professional/academical background.

See you soon @ Casa Jasmina!