Apr    10:00 am  - 5:00pm

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What about the house of the future?
With this assumption , Genuino, the European brand of team, presents at Salone del Mobile 2016, GIT – COMMIT. GIT – COMMIT is an interactive exhibition that attempts to open a dialogue on ideas , expectations and critical issues about the “connected living” of the future.
GIT-COMMIT is present on the main floor of Palazzo Clerici and consists of a web interface which communicates with four small thermal printers.
Visitors are confronted with four questions on the future home via the web page, and each printer translates their responses in a continual flow chart.
To complete the exhibition, on the 14th and 15th of April students from the Masters in Interaction Design at SUPSI, Lugano – under the guidance of Studio Folder – will conduct a workshop to investigate feedback gathered previously from the printers.

GIT – COMMIT is produced by Genuino with the collaboration between Casa Jasmina , the connected and open source apartment of Genuino curated by Bruce Sterling, the Londonears collective of open design opendesk , the Masters in Interaction Design SUPSI of Lugano and studio Folder.
The installation is part of Atelier Clerici , the project curated by Joseph Grima and Space Caviar to investigate the most experimental forms of contemporary design.