esacono1 ESACONO WORKSHOP – let’s make an open source connected sculpture

Giovanni Anceschi, Serena Cangiano, Davide Fornari – Esacono – 2015.

Esacono is a translation of the concept that generated the series Strutturazioni cilindriche virtuali by Giovanni Anceschi (1963-1966). The concept is described in issue no. 22 of the magazine il verri, but it was never produced due to the limits posed by the technology of the period. It is a cube suspended by one corner which has six motors embedded into each side. The motors drive two rotating rods that draw six truncated cone shapes in space, creating virtual volumes. The speed varies from motor to motor, and as a consequence so does the effect of the six shapes drawn in the air at the sides of the hanging cube.

The event is part of Share festival, an annual event held in Torino, dedicated to contemporary art and culture in all its global dimensions and interconnections with the Internet and new media.


17.30 Presentation: Re-programmed Art: an open Manifesto

  • Jasmina Tesanovic, hostess of Casa Jasmina
  • Bruce Sterling, curatore Casa Jasmina
  • Lorenzo Romagnoli, maker in chief of Casa Jasmina,          
  • Serena Cangiano, coordinator of the project Re-programmed art

Attendance at the presentation is free, but registration is required, please register here.

18.30 Workshop: Make your Open Re-Programmed Artwork

To take part to the workshop is required to purchase a workshop ticket here

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