IMG_8526 copy Poster-telling about Casa Jasmina

We are really happy that Cristina Zilio worked with Casa Jasmina for her graduation project!

With the goal of narrating the all Casa Jasmina project, she designed 5 posters explaining key aspects of 5 emblematic projects hosted inside Casa Jasmina.
One poster is about the smart Thermostat, another one tell a story about the night lamp by Alessandra Deschamps-Sonsino.
Then there is a poster about the ethical fan by Simone Rebaudengo and Matthieu Cherubini, one about the Opendesk table ad the last one about the kitchen.

One of the poster has been silk-printed with the precious help of the PrintClub.
All the posters will be hang and showed up on Casa Jasmina.

Check them out!


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