Mar    6:30 pm  - 7:00pm

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Here at Casa Jasmina we’re always eager to open our doors to makers, designers and visitors. But, we have to admit, we have a bias for students: fresh minds always come with fresh ideas.
This year, our friend and supporter Prof. Fabrizio Valpreda of Politecnico di Torino decided to make Casa Jasmina a real-life working field for his #Design by #Components Course:

“Designing new products, personal goods, devices is a matter of defining and connecting different complex components. Those are the results of different knowledge fields, and those fields are typical of different people. So, by extension, we could say that design is a matter of connecting people. There lives the idea to make our students experiment those connections with the best examples of innovation mates we have in our local area: Officine Innesto, Fablab Torino and Casa Jasmina were the perfect communities to make that experimentation real.”

Twelve teams of students were asked to develop projects to improve Casa Jasmina and its inhabitants’ experience in the house. Some of them even came to life and were prototyped in Fablab Torino.
Now, we’re ready and happy to present the final results to the world!

Tuesday, March 6th – 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM
???? 6.30 PM – Introducing the Exhibition with Prof. Fabrizio Valpreda (Politecnico di Torino), Fabrizio Alessio (Fablab Torino maker and creator of Toowheels), Davide Gomba (Officine Innesto CEO).
???? 7.00 PM – Exhibition Tour: each team of students will present their project to visitors

The exhibit is FREE & OPEN for everyone.
A welcome drink and a small buffet will be offered to all of our guests.

The exhibition will stay open for visitors until Thursday, March 8th.
OPENING HOURS: 4.00 – 7.00 PM

Take a sneak peek of the projects here ??