Casa Jasmina
Magic Mondays

Introducing Magic Mondays:

Magic Mondats (now on, MM) is a montly meeting with the CJ community, aimed to show&tell about the home and the future of it. Many different things may happen during a MM: presentation or workshop, discussions etc.

In order to attend to a Magic Monday you should apply here

A MM doesn’t last for more than 1.5/2 hours. Usually self-organized groups meet between one and another to present what they have done

Magic Monday #1, Oct 23rd

Magic Monday #2, Nov 21st

Magic Monday #3, Dec 11th

Magic Monday #1, Oct 23rd 2017

Everything starts on time, many different people shows up (index).
DG presents Casa Jasmina project and the meaning of the Magic Monday format.

A overall idea of this initial part can be summarized by these points

* What is Casa Jasmina, how we arrive here
* Who we are
* Why are we interested or would do anything within the home framework

Here are some slides from this presentation.
There is also a scrumboard about the discussion that’s been held here.

Participants: Samantha, Duino, Chiara, Romina, Luisa, Maria Cheline, Sebastian, Lorenzo, Tiziana, Cecilia Alejandra, Giancarlo, Giacomo, Daniele, Sebastian, Roberta, Ulysses
Host: Davide.

We sorted out an interesting way to discover which were our areas of interest and introduce ourselves: Each one was to identify one or more rooms of interest and a target group. Many things came out (amazing), we lately tried to pipe them in big themes, but time went off.



TITLE: Tourism, Access of the house
Who: temporary students, AIRBNB, shared apartments
Why: to allow for B&B remote management (Luisa)
How: house remote control & guests onboarding (Luisa)
What: Airbnb integration (TBD), door unlocking, ‘how-to-use the house’ tutorial, lights control, garden sprinkiling, cleaning service requests, stock monitoring (Luisa)
Team: Duino, Giancarlo, Daniela, Romina, Luisa

TITLE: Kitchen, Food
Who: People with disability and peculiar access; people not relatives sharing flats (Samantha)
Why: simplify the use of the space; take into account various needs (e.g. allergy, diet, medical issues) (Samantha)
How: tracking meals and food (Samantha)
Team: Tiziana, Cecilia, Samantha, Chiara

Theme: Sustainability, Consumption
Team: Giacomo, Duino,

A good Magic Monday.
Some of the people were interested hacking or adding some of their proposal to Casa Jasmina.
An important concept behind this MM appointment is that is to be addressed to everybody, with no knowledge of technology. Some of the people were interesetd in dig deeper in the technooogy involved in the house. They want to turn their hipothesis, their thoughts real.

For this reason Officine Innesto designed a 12-15 hours workshop called “Talk To Your Home”.

Magic Monday #2, Nov 21st 2017

Everything starts on time, slowly than the time before. Bruce and Jasmina shows up, and Jasmina join the event. At this point we choose to split up and work on three different topics, here are the titles: Expert Toilet, Coabitazione Consapevole (Aknowledge House Sharing), Back to My Temporary Home.

What follows is a transcritpion of fields notes I’ve taken. I hope to tune this a little, apologies for mistakes.



Expert Toilet: Faiza, Salvatore, Jasmina, Giulia, Luigi, Davide.

Smart Dryer that tune in with the amount of people the house is hosting.

The Toilet as a place for self-cure and eHealth.

* morning urine analysis
* weight monitoring

How the toilet’s behaviour would change addressing to a person living there constantly compairing to a temporary inhabitant (such as AIRBNB or host)? Would this data be erased, encrypted. Where shall this data be uploaded?

Mirror as a screen. Visualizing your health data. Or even a computer vision system able to perceive your health state by watching you (i.e. your level of X are low, I can see it from your face).

Bathroom that tune itself to your calendar by changing flagrances, lights, etc…

What is these appliances are connected? Who is taking care of them if they are not working well?
If the toilet is talking to the mirror is an ethical problem.

The toilet is to be trained on a lot of people’s data. This data should be anonymous.

AI-based bot in the mirror that tells the children to wash their teeth in aproper way.

Shared House – Aknowledged Co-habitation / Coabitazione Consapevole

Team: Luca, Giacomo, Chiara, Samantha

More people sharing spaces. In this scenario there must be a prevate space for the single. We’ve taken in account a long-term stay.

* more peple living in the same house
* underlining their singularity

The Fridge. (tha bathroom, light and water consumption)

A service that is able to see/perceive what the single uses, and monitor it. On the fridge you can have a list of things to be bought. A Chat-bot can send the list to some of the people. The cost is shared based on the real use of resources (resources are to be monitored)

(Giacomo) we talk about share house but we want anonimity :)
In order to have privacy all individuals in the house have to accept it (no)

VR eludes from your space but creates your space!

The Fridge is the more material space.


Back to My Temporary Home: Luisa Giancarlo,

Onboarding: gettin inside the new home. Get to know the home.
You have the landowner/host reputation and the temporary inhabitant’s reputation.
Within AIRBNB framework a chatbot/AI could interview the Guest of the house, collecting tastes, needs (such as alimentary needs of physical ones, and organize the house. The house changes based on the Guest needs!
The AI reduces the effort in decline the house to the Guests needs.
The presentation of the house to the guests could be a video, a recording. We should investigate the avalable technologies in the doing this.
The house could offer the guest a summary about what to do in the city under a touristic point of view, based on the questionnaire (historical, amusement, music –> spotify playlist based on your needs?)
Relation of the house to the mood of the guest? Happy music lights? Thoughtful music / lights?

Wrap up | Three Objects:

* the fridge as a physical dashboard.
* Mirror (Toilet). You mirror yourself. Could the mirror see or simply display information?
* both more related to a BOT/AI. to the kids, to the guests for shared lists.

Shared Spotify lists from the guests?

Magic Monday #3, Dec 11th 2017

It’s (almost) Xmas. Fewer people, the most motivated. We spit up in two groups:
– Back to My Temporary Home
– Coabitazione Consapevole aka Smart Fridge aka Smart Aknowledged Fridge

We asked both group to find a Question (THE Question) the implementation should answer to.

– Back to My Temporary Home

Q: How does the House meet the Guest’s needs in the first 10 minutes of his stay?
You got to know a place (or you create your idea of a place) in the first 10 minutes. We are trying to
– get the guest in (with no presence of the Host)
– prepare (shape?) the house on the guest needs (these are to be aquired via a form o r questionnaire)
– inform the Guest on hot topics such as “Where do I eat?”, “Where do I find X or Y?”

Coabitazione Consapevole aka Smart Fridge aka Smart Aknowledged Fridge

Q: How do you deal with a shared shopping for food? How to I set the list? How do I share expenses and who will be in charge of it? This is a multi-user, long stay house (student? workers outside their homes)

The main domestic appliance here is the fridge. We are designing a provacy-oriented, multi-user index of what’s in and what’s needed. A Chat-bot is an option.
How do we tell a fridge what’s inside? (maybe product-shaped housing for specific products? Or read the barcodes of the products?). Which product/app/bot already does this?

Each group will produce a report inwhich states out their project to be made between jan 15th and february 15th. A Technology Research has to be held, on top of the report.

* Technology research: which product does X which is already on the market?
* Report (English):

Group 1: Report Enrico / Luisa | Technology Giancarlo
Group 2: Report Samantha | Technology Giacomo